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The majestic garden is basically a dark web discussion forum about a class of hallucinogenic drugs whose primary effect is to set off non-ordinary states of consciousness (psychedelic). Its membership is closed but not forever! New memberships happens rareley in months.

TMG has updated to a new set of V3 URLs. This was done as an additional step in their efforts to defend against the recent DDoS attacks.

  • Marketplace url: gardenq54zkgtqkrug63e4ospwcpu2ex7seojcadjua5jiyhew7e6oad.onion
  • TMG Alternative links: gardeneouxlmnvhobm3ymc3eaghy4l22cubmio7viug6kfbuxwypdfqd.onion ,
    gardenl24irkr6abfh7s3s5r4mmmw5cthl3lknhd5izd6jjvubtsl3yd.onion ,
    gardenq54zkgtqkrug63e4ospwcpu2ex7seojcadjua5jiyhew7e6oad.onion ,
    garden65isqgoyf5vh54fmax52o63osajx6loeoou4wvcyy7loydp7ad.onion ,
    gardenid673dxcaeqd3aztd3anpbceqfxaatz6j33t4xulyh4trmmgyd.onion ,
  • Forum url: gardenwdjxv6epp25ge77mfjnwnp4tq3y3x63bg2gx4aai43bk4ztlid.onion

STATUS: Up without Issues

Full NameThe Majestic Garden
Created onApril-2016
Main Linktmglsdiax6dhx6******xmp6z5t5myd.onion
Security IssuesNone
Active WarningsNo
Two Factor AuthNot Available
Supported CoinsBitcoin only
Multisig TransactionsUnsupported
FE AllowedYes
Vendor BondFree
Forced Vendor PgpYes
Vendor Count910
Total Products6200 (updated Oct-2021)
Business volume (monthly)N/A
Current StatusActive

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