sideshift ai exchange logo is a well established anonymous crypto exchange that allows users to exchange various coins in an easy way. Developed by former employee of kraken, sideshift claims to provide a secure and anonymous way to swap multiple coins without any hassle. Their transaction speed is average and it also doesn’t allow users from united states to do business on their site. Although users can use secure vpn to bypass this restriction. In our testings we found it to be secure, the transaction took 45 minutes to complete and tor access was blocked.

  • Exchange url:
  • Trustpilot url:

STATUS: Up without Issues

Full NameSideshift Anonymous Exchange
Created onJanuary-2019
Security IssuesNone
Active WarningsNo
Supported Coins30+
Signup RequiredNo
LimitsNo Limits
Transaction SpeedMedium
Supported CountriesAll (except USA and 12 other)
Current StatusActive

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