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The Hub is a legedendary darkweb Forum. It was launched in 2011 during original silk road days as a Cross-market discussion forum and a news resource about dnms. The hub is loved by many old darknet users as it gives a nostalgic feel and reminds about the early days of darkweb. It was resurrected after being down for a long time, restored from an old backup. The hub is a great information resource for researchers that want to explore the early days of darknet.

Note: Registrations are limited and are manually approved by the admin.

Link List: thehubpkeu7x6ddq5tc4gali6ldsi4ly6bqlhsid7pztwhbirahu6vqd.onion

New v3 Forum Addresses By The Hub

  1. thehubmcwyzwijjoqvdtpmu36npcueypjbgnvbqz4jliwjmmnpfkzkqd.onion
  2. thehubojcm5xduv2yvoc4tmn5jf4e2hssnlxu66uuknus3jutim7g7ad.onion
  3. thehubrysnv5i7mlaitavqjosqgcnbaimk2c4hesgamno7boyvxxokid.onion
  4. thehubwav7canwaq7trm6zl3tqvkf2kwbkgwvwonfssvgvtyrdy4u3yd.onion
  5. thehubwevkaz2jqh3xiyalbfxljj6drmilqyz2j4jbeltmo2n3wbiqqd.onion

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