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Dark0de Reborn market is one of the biggest dark web market. Buyers can find all kinds of illegal items that can land someone in hot waterS if found on clearnet e.g. drugs, pharma chemicals, fraud items, tutorial guides and different kind of digital goods.
Darkode market is one of the fastest growing darknet market. It is also different from other darkweb markets as it offer friendly user experiance to its vender, it offers socializing in its eco-system as it has in house crime forum which is closely monitered.
According to some analysts its built from scratch but some said it is built from on famous PHP code widely used by darknet markets, .

Security and Anonymity

Normaly darkweb users try to hold their end of rope by applying recommendation as accesing darkweb markets only through TOR browser and turning off Javascript
to stay anonymous while surfing on these markets.
Dark0de Reborn market users are also advised by market to use VPN services to further ensure stopping identity leaks.

Design and features

Desing of dark0de Reborn market is acceptable there arent any quirks and features available, but it is not like it is bad it has most of basic features
that almost every darknet market has now. but it has some uniqueness to it also which is…
About its user interface many peoples say its not best because of captha appears too often while browsing at dark0de Reborn which seems to kill users
interest in some way.

Sales volume

According to some experts dark0de Reborn market is one of the fastest growing darknet market by sales volume and they estimated around 10 million
per week sales.

The market’s listings are growing constantly with more then 50000 listings of drugs and fraud items are relatively on lower side around 10000 listings are available.

  • Marketplace url: darkodemard3wjoe63ld6zebog73ncy77zb2iwjtdjam4xwvpjmjitid.onion
  • Darkode Reborn Market Alternative links: darkoddrkj3gqz7ke7nyjfkh7o72hlvr44uz5zl2xrapna4tribuorqd.onion
  • Forum url: N/A

STATUS: Up without Issues

Full NameDark0de Reborn
Created onJuly-2020
Main Linkdarkodemard*******vpjmjitid.onion
Security IssuesNone
Active WarningsNo
Two Factor AuthAvailable
Supported CoinsBitcoin, Xmr
Multisig TransactionsSupported
FE AllowedYes
Vendor Bond1k USD
Forced Vendor PgpYes
Vendor Count2200
Total Products55000 (updated Oct-2021)
Business volume (monthly)N/A
Current StatusActive

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