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Updated October 7th, 2021

This page will provide information to those few who want to know more about us.

Most of you know what we do but Not many of you know who we are so i will go ahead and tell you some things about us.

  • We are a small team that aims to provide awareness and educate people about the dark web
  • We are just normal people having regular jobs like everyone else.
  • This site is not a fulltime project of ours.
  • We created Dnmaccess to combat phishing that have ruined the darknet for many years. By providing verified links only we will be able to discourage the criminals behind the menace of phishing.
  • We are not new to the darkweb scene. We have been around since silkroad 1 days when very small people knew about the existence of darkweb.
  • We never favor a market over another. The rankings we generate are based on various factors. By bringing good markets on top we try to give users the best options to choose.
  • We have worked with many journalists in the past. If anyone needs information about something then feel free to contact us.
  • We run our day to day operations by donations from generous people like you and from the ads we get. We don’t make any profits because most of the times we have to pay costs directly from our pockets. It doesn’t bothers us though because we love this project and are happy to fund it by ourselves.

Dnmaccess will continue to provide reliable and verified information to our users. We thank you for your continous support.

Stay safe,
Dnmaccess Team
Our Contact page: here

Email: [email protected]

Find our pgp key here

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